Troika card adopted by more than 300 Moscow Region bus routes


On April 14, Troika card was launched on more than 300 bus routes of the Moscow Region (encircles Moscow). Earlier, the smart card became available for city routes, now passengers can use it on intercity buses. The fare depends on the distance, and the card must have enough money to reach the last stop.

Free movement across the Moscow agglomeration ¨C that is what we aim at while creating a single transport space of Moscow City and Moscow Region. And now we have made an important step ¨C we have moved on to the next stage of our project: in addition to the MCD and 400 city buses, Troika is now available in the suburban routes of the Moscow Region, ¡ª says Maxim Liksutov, Moscow¡¯s Deputy Mayor for Transport.

The Troika card has been expanding its presence in the Russian regions since November 2020 when it was launched in the Tula Region. In total, more than 40 regions and cities expressed interest in Moscow¡¯s ticketing system.