Moscow Metro¡¯s Moskva-2020 trains with new design enter service


In February, Moscow Metro put into service four new Moskva-2020 trains with a new design. Now, trains have a white-and-blue livery instead of earlier black versions. The trains have been distributed between Lines 5 and 6.

Now Moscow Metro has 52 Moskva-2020 trains running. More than half of them ¨C 28 trains ¨C operate on Line 5 (Circle Line). The line¡¯s fleet is renewed by 70%. By the end of the year, the Circle Line will have 12 more of these trains, their share reaching 100%, ¨C says Maxim Liksutov, Moscow¡¯s Deputy Mayor for Transport.

Moskva-2020 entered service in October 2020. The new model of Moskva series has wider doors and gangways and is equipped with interactive route planners, information screens and 368 USB ports, five times more than in the previous model.